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Software Academy

Increase Your Technology Skills & Improve Your Resume

Success in each individual course will result in a Certificate of Completion. Upon completion of all six of the listed individual courses, a Certificate of Graduation from the Horizon Quest Software Academy will be awarded. See below for descriptions of each course.

Intro to Computers

Learn to use your Windows™ computer to its full potential by becoming familiar with how it works and what it can do for you. Course consists of 4 2.5-hour evening sessions.

Topics Included

  • Parts of a computer
  • Computer Terminology
  • Common Computer Actions – mouse, keyboard, windows, taskbar, files
  • Personalizing Your Computer
  • Internet and Email Basics
  • File Management
  • Introduction to Microsoft™ Office

Intro to Microsoft™ Excel

Get started using this powerful tool to organize your information. Qualifies for 10 PD hours for CPA’s. Course can be taken as one full day of instruction, or 4 2.5-hour evening sessions.

Topics Included

  • Getting Started with Excel
  • Excel Best Practices
  • Modifying worksheet contents
  • Formatting cells
  • Auto-fill cells
  • Excel formulas & functions
  • Sorting
  • Printing
  • Worksheet Tabs
  • Drawings and Pictures

Advanced Microsoft™ Excel

Take your Excel knowledge to the next level by understanding advanced functions. Qualifies for 15 PD hours for CPA’s. Course can be taken as two full days of instruction, or 6 2.5-hour evening sessions.

Topics Included

  • Excel Templates
  • Simultaneous Data Entry on one / multiple sheets
  • Paste Special features
  • Merge / Lock / Unlock cells
  • Formatting cells, sheets and workbooks
  • Performing calculations Protect sheets and workbooks
  • Tables, Pivot Tables and Charts
  • Macros
  • Sorting / Filtering
  • Linking worksheets
  • Drawings and Pictures
  • Worksheet tabs
  • Printing
  • Mail Merge with MS Word

Getting Acquainted with Microsoft™ Word

Harness the power of desktop publishing using the most popular word processing software. Course is delivered in 1 full-day session.

Topics Included

  • Getting Started with Word
  • Document Basics
  • Working with Text
  • Text Flow
  • Lists – Numbered and Bulleted
  • Special Characters and Graphical Objects
  • Tables
  • Inserting Charts
  • Controlling Page Appearance
  • Collaborating on Documents
  • Intro to Mail Merge

Introduction to
Microsoft™ Outlook

Microsoft Outlook is so much more than an email app! Learn to use it to schedule your time, send emails, create task lists and organize your contacts. Course is delivered in 1 full-day session.

Topics Included

  • Getting Started with Outlook
  • Email Best Practices and Etiquette
  • Composing Your Message
  • Organizing Your Messages
  • Manage Contacts
  • Scheduling and Tasks

Getting Acquainted with Microsoft™ Powerpoint

Create, show and share eye-catching, effective presentations with the slideshow tool from Microsoft™. Course is delivered in 1 full-day session.

Topics Included

  • Getting Started with PowerPoint
  • Presentation Basics
  • Create a Presentation
  • Create a Photo Album
  • Using Masters
  • Graphical Objects
  • Transitions and Animations
  • Multimedia
  • Running a Presentation
  • Package a Presentation
  • Print a Presentation

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