About me

As the photographer at Horizon Quest I have experienced many different things and have met so many wonderful people along the way. I have experience in portrait photography, wedding, newborn, family, etc and use these skills along with professional equipment to produce high quality pictures for businesses in advertising. I want the photoshoot experience to be positive for everyone involved even if my visit is short! I ensure to show up to the photoshoot with creative ideas in my head and a smile on my face!

Business Photography

I first meet my clients over the phone when they have decided to use the photography services through Horizon Quest. I thoroughly enjoy discussing photoshoot plans with clients and make it my top priority to be as helpful as possible. We discuss the clients expectations for the photoshoot and I give my input as well. Then a date, time and location is set and I will begin my work. After the pictures are taken the client gets a glimpse of them on site and can give their opinion. Once the results are satisfactory, I take the pictures back to Horizon Quest for the designers to finish the design of the ad, website, etc.

UAV Drone Aerial Photography and Videography

Consider taking flight with HQ and get some stunning shots from the sky! From 3 feet off the ground to a bird’s eye view- the options are endless!

Services include professional and safe photo/video operations along with a ground school certified and Transport Canada approved UAV Pilot.

Before setting a date for Drone Photography I will personally go to the site at which the client would like photography/videography. I will evaluate the area and its surroundings. Then together we can make a “flight plan”. Once the details are put together we will set two dates- one being a rain date. After the photoshoot is complete, the pictures and/or videos will be sent to our designers who will then make the finishing touches.