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The Quest


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The Quest

The Quest is a targeted combined direct mailing reaching approximately 70,000 rural homes and business all across Southern Ontario. We offer 15 editions, giving businesses the opportunity to target certain areas. All ad design costs are included in the ad price.

Distribution Area

The Quest

2021 Advertising Rates

Ad TypeSizePrice
1/8 Page4" w x 2.4" h$149
1/8 Page Front Cover4" w x 2.4" h$199
1/4 Page4" w x 5" h$229
1/2 Page8.125" w x 5" h$349
1/2 Page Back Cover8.125" w x 5" h$399
3/4 Page Front Cover8.125" w x 5.9" h$599
Full Page8.125" w x 10.3125" h$599
Full Page Back Cover8.125" w x 10.3125" h$699
Small Classified2.6" w x 1.7" h$499
Large Classified2.6" w x 3.6" h$799